Art of Collecting

Collecting is Personal

Thanks to’s assistance, genealogy has become America’s second most popular hobby. Everyone loves a good story, and family histories are one way people become deeply connect with the past. Historical artifacts also tell stories through their craftsmanship, materials or other unique characteristics, which captivate people into becoming collectors. And then there are the stories of how an object has made its way through time, perhaps from a maker to an heir, then tucked away forgotten in a trunk, to be discovered much later in an estate sale.

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Military Uniform Maryland Antique Arms Show

New Collector Guide

A New Collector Has to Start Somewhere, So Start Here You won’t find a better inspiration or resource for learning about collecting than a seasoned collector. And the Maryland Antique Arms Show is the ideal place for a new collector to begin. Collecting requires an investment of time and money. Until you find your passion, your initial investments will be …

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