Military Uniform Maryland Antique Arms Show

New Collector Guide

A New Collector Has to Start Somewhere,
So Start Here

You won’t find a better inspiration or resource for learning about collecting than a seasoned collector. And the Maryland Antique Arms Show is the ideal place for a new collector to begin.

Collecting requires an investment of time and money.

Until you find your passion, your initial investments will be modest. It’s why we are giving you this guide to dealers at the show who offer good, affordable items starting under $50. Check back regularly as we add more.

Rebel Relics

Brian Akin brings you everything confederate and so much more. Website →

Bob French
Mike Klinepeter
William Leigh

Buys and sells all types of buttons, military uniforms, or other historical or military items. Website →

J.S. Mosby

Weapons, uniforms, leather, accoutrements, buttons, plates, insignia, and a variety of excavated artifacts from Civil War camps and battlefields. Website →

Harry Ridgeway

Authentic Civil War items and excavated relics recovered from private property. Website →