Collecting is Personal

Whether one comes to preserve a vintage piece from an historical, aesthetic or craftsman perspective, The Maryland Show gives visitors insights into the pleasure and value of collecting.

The Fifth Annual Maryland Antique Arms Show returns to the Maryland State Fairgrounds Sept 22-23, 2018

More Than Just a Gun Show

From original military uniforms, personal letters and photographs, musical instruments, and cavalry saddles, tack and gear, to antique arms, artillery and bullets, the Third Annual Maryland Antique Arms Show is more than just a gun show.

This event offers beginning and advanced collectors, as well as the public, a rare opportunity to meet some of the most trusted and respected antique arms collectors and dealers in the country in one place.

Over 500 Tables of American History Artifacts

Browse over 500 tables of American history artifacts in an interactive atmosphere, where you get to know the curators, dealers and collectors as well as their collections.

People are Talking

The Maryland Antique Arms Show, held each fall at the Timonium Fairground, is a must for antique arms collectors. The top dealers and exhibitors from around the country are there with displays of quality antique arms and accoutrements. You will not find the usual “gun show stuff”. This show is for collectors and students of history to gather together and enjoy their passion.

Richard Berglund
The Baltimore Antique Arms Show

It’s a great show for all types of antique arms. There is something for everyone.”

Dave Prawdzik
Antique Gun Room, Inc

I wouldn’t miss this show for anything.”

Vin Caponi
Colt Firearms Dealer, NY

This show promises to become a magnet for the cream of the collectors and dealers of fine original early arms.”

Rick Hudak
Author, “Harpers Ferry Arsenal & Joseph Perkins”